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Egyre több a HIV-pozitív hazánkban

Idén minden eddiginél több HIV-pozitív ember jelentkezett kezelésre, ezért egyesek szerint nem kizárt, hogy néhány éven belül az Európai Unió jelentősen fertőzött országai közé tartozunk majd.
A felmérések szerint Magyarországon 1985 óta 1508 fertőzöttet regisztráltak. 2003-ban még csak 53 embert, 2007-ben viszont már 87-et. A lapnak nevük elhallgatását kérő szakemberek azt mondták, hogy a kormány nem fordít elegendő pénzt és energiát az AIDS-megelőzésre. Az Egészségügyi Minisztérium sajtóosztályán azt közölték, hogy nem értenek egyet ezekkel a véleményekkel. A népegészségügyi program forrásaiból tavaly több, mint 30 millió forintot fordítottak tanácsadásra, szűrésre és civil szervezetek támogatására.

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  • 7. Lemba 2008. július 26. 13:55
    „Eloszor is bocsanatot kerek az angol szovegert, de sok idobe kerulne helyesen leforditani.
    Ez a biologiai magyarazat a Bibliaban is megtalahato. Meg annyit szeretnek hozzafuzni, hogy az emberiseg egyre inkabb eltorzult.

    Without getting into the emotional side of this issue, and sticking strictly to a scientific understanding of the human body, we have to become aware of a simple fact. The tissues of the vagina and the anus and rectum are designed for different purposes. It is true both have a similar sensory systems attached to a single central mechanism for the registration of pain and pleasure, but structurally they are not the same. The vagina has a thick multilayered cell lining that, while not easily absorbing the semen from inside, is designed to withstand friction and sheering force. Even here, there is a mechanism for secretion of lubricating mucus to withstand these forces. Furthermore, semen has chemical properties that will increase the thickness and resistance of the lining membrane in the vagina. The seminal fluid secreted with the sperms is a very complex composition. It contains a chemical substance called trans-glutamin-ase (TGE). In certain circumstances, TGE binds some proteins to other proteins. It also causes some cells to die in a special way--to shrivel and not disintegrate, thus its power to produce a thickening of the vaginal wall to cope with normal male-female sex relationships. The semen also contains proteins with extremely strong immune suppressive properties.It is the immune suppressive property of semen that will facilitate the passage of sperm all the way up into the uterus and its tubes to fertilize the female egg. To the body, the millions of sperms that enter the uterus are the invading foreign "objects" and highly reactionary for the uterine wall and its tubes, had they not been protected by the immune repressive properties of proteins from the semen that bathe the sperms. To survive during nine months of pregnancy, the sperm that has different antigenic properties to the mother´s tissue, the mother´s immune system has to be suppressed for the duration. It seems that something in the semen (possibly a uteroglobin-like protein that is called SV-IV) codes for the mother´s immune suppression. It is this immune-suppressive property of semen that ensures the survival of initially the sperm, and ultimately the fetus during full-term pregnancy until the production of a living offspring. The semen in the female vagina is not absorbed. Because of the anatomical design and position of the vagina, the semen is drained. On the other hand, the rectum is lined with very thin and delicate cells. In the rectum, the semen is retained and its extremely potent physiological properties are allowed freedom of action. Within the constituents of semen, there are substances that are designed to over take the host´s immune system and force them to shut down the same way that a radar jamming device is used on board warplanes to enter the enemy air-space and deliver their bombs. Thus, semen has independent ability to shut down the immune system of its host tissue if its agents are allowed entry into the recipient´s system. With repeated secretion of semen into a male or a female rectum, immune system suppression is unavoidable--not because of a "virus," but because of the chemical properties of the semen itself. Women, who participate in anal sex to avoid becoming pregnant, should be aware of this immune suppressive property of semen. In addition to all of the above, the intestinal wall is not capable of withstanding the forces involved in rectal manipulation for sexual purposes. The reason why such sexual manipulations become possible is because of one single fact: The intestinal tract does not have an acute pain sensory system if damaged from inside and without the damage affecting the peritoneum. Peritoneum is the thin outside cover of the gastrointestinal tract. It is amply supplied with nerves that will register pain. It is a type of "non-adhesive" that permits the various segments of the intestinal tract to glide over one another in their movements and adaptation to the passage of food. The rectum is not completely covered by peritoneum. Thus, the inside lining of the rectum can become damaged from being pumped against, or otherwise manipulated, without registering the damage in the same way the skin would sound the alarm when its resistance is broken. The rectum is the end part of an anatomical structure whose activity has to be performed silently. However, this does not mean the damage is not recognized physiologically, and it does not mean the physiological steps for repair of the local damage will be less vigorous. As part and parcel of the repair mechanisms, the chemical agents TNF, IL-l, IL-6, and others in their pack will be secreted to commence the process of crisis management. If the damage is such that the resident bacteria could also break barriers and begin increased local activity, the production of these agents for crisis management will increase. (It has been shown experimentally that AIDS patients have markedly increased levels of IL-6 and TNF in their blood.) These agents function very much like a team of specialist salvage workers that go to a site after an earthquake. One group would clear the debris, others would bring survival supplies for those caught in the area who cannot be relocated; another would begin to restore power, water, and telephone services, and so on. In the everyday life of a city, all these processes take place, and they are carried out by people and machines. In the human body, the same processes take place and the agents that perform these necessary functions are hormones and their subordinate enzyme systems. The principle is the same. Each cell has a personality and needs to survive on the spot if it can be repaired. Only the dead or irreparably damaged cells will have to be dismembered and cleared away. In rectal manipulation, should there be more than routine wear and tear, these same agents become operatives for its repair. It will take time to reproduce the original "blueprint" and fully restore the local tissues. Should there be a recurrence of the injury, on top of a tissue that is already weak, more forceful presence of these local repair agents will be called for. There may come a time that these hormones and their subordinate operators will be permanently commissioned and their presence in the blood circulation will become measurable. Since the relationship and significance of their increased presence for the repair of the "unsensed" local damage in the rectum is not appreciated--and furthermore, the rationale of their activity not recognized--part of their mechanism of function is highlighted and labeled as the causative factor for the physiological upheaval that is conveniently labeled as "AIDS" for public consumption. In laboratory research, it has been shown that cysteine will vent the production of HIV in cultured cells. In other laboratory research, it has been shown that AIDS patients are short of cysteine and its precursor cystine. In two simple-to-understand experiments, a metabolic basis to the development of the disease has been clearly demonstrated. If the cells that are sufficiently abnormal to produce HIV are given cysteine, their abnormality is corrected and they do not produce the HIV. All we needed to know now is how did these AIDS patients become cysteine-deficient? We should commence the research of this phenomenon and not sidetrack AIDS research into a dead end by making a jump of faith and assuming it to be virus produced. In my opinion, it seems the "HIV test" highlights the presence of a fragment of DNA or RNA of a damaged cell--it indicates a process of cell nucleus breakdown. It could be produced by many other factors, one of them cysteine and zinc deficiency, particularly in underdeveloped and poorer countries. It is also possible that it is caused as a result of persistent and increasingly severe local damage in the rectum, producing a long-term run on the body´s protein reserves. This test by itself is not an accurate indicator of the presence of an agent that causes the disease. The HIV itself produced by a more severe imbalance in the make up of the amino acid pool of the body. It is this devastating amino acid pool imbalance that kills the patients, and not the HIV particle.”
  • 6. mamus 2008. július 26. 13:47
    „Itt valaki már megint a melegekkel jön...
    Akkor kérdezem én, hogy mi jelenti a veszélyt, ha a hetero pornófilmek 99 %-ában nem használnak óvszert, még az anális aktushoz sem... A fiatalok meg ezt nézik. Tényleg a melegek jelentenék a veszélyt???”
  • 5. zebegény 2008. július 26. 13:18
    „Kedves Monogám!
    Már vártam az ehhez hasonló marhaságokat! Nyilván nem tud arról, hogy az utóbbi időben a fertőzöttek egyre nagyobb része heteroszexuális nő. És pont azért vannak nagyobb veszélynek kitéve a heteroszexuálisok, mert úgy gondolkoznak, mint Ön, a sebezhetetlenség mítoszába ringatják magukat. A melegek ma már sokkal tudatosabbak ebből a szempontból.”
  • 4. monogám 2008. július 26. 12:15
    „Éljen a köcsögfelvonulás!
    Előre fiatalok!
    Szetei és társai.
    Meddig fertőztök még ártatlanokat??
    Lehet törölni moderátor!!!!!!!!
    szólásszabadság a
    Csongrád megyei hírlapban
    Volt a szocialista munkáspárt hivatalos lapja, és még ma is az!!!!!”
  • 3. SP 2008. július 26. 11:46
    „A tüdőszürő állomások tömeges elérhetőségét is korlátozzák, akkor mire lehet számítani másban? AIDS ügyben a megelőzés kiemelkedően fontos lenne. A gyógyszergyáraknak és kapcsolódó üzletágaknak profitja a betegségekböl eredő gyógyerforgalomból keletkezik. Kell a beteg. A túlnépesedés probléma sem mellékes. Nem cél az egészség. Ezért magunknak kell önmagunkra vigyázni megtanulni.”
  • 2. Írástudatlan. 2008. július 26. 10:43
    „Tisztelt egyszerű polgár!Ön nem tudom hogy melyik órszágban él de itt nállunk a kutyát sem érdekli a dolog sajnos.Itt csak statistikát vezetnek rólluk és ennyi.A kórmány meg igyekszik kirázni a felelősség vállalást a nyakából.Még a gyógyszereiket sem képes a TB.finanszírozni!Úgy hogy itt szabad az út a betgség előtt.Igen igaza van a megelőzés legjobb módja a vizsgálaton való részvétel vagy a védekezés.De higgye el hogy itt nállunk igen sok pénzt elkérnek az ilyenfalyta vizsgálatért mert ezt sem támogatja a TB.!Sajnos ez a helyzet itt Magyarórszágon!”
  • 1. egyszeru polgar 2008. július 26. 10:13
    „En olyan orszegban elek, ahol minden 3. ember fertozott HIV virussal vagy mar AIDS-es. A megelozes egyetlen hatasos modja a fegyelmezettseg.Ez a mertekletet es technikai odafigyelest egyarant jelenti. Nemzeti szinten pedig egyetlen megoldas letezik a kotelezo ellenorzes. Aki az emberi jogok sertesenek tartja a kotelezo ellenorzest, eppen azok ellen vet, hiszen nagyon sok esetben artatlanok fertozodnek meg a csapodar tars miatt.
    A mar kozel 20 eves lanyommal megbeszeltem annak idejen, hogy a varhato szexualais kapcsolat elott meg idoben menjenek el partnerevel az ingyenes vizsgalatra. Talan hihetetlen, de kezenfogva meg is tettek, egyikuk sem erezte magat sertve, igy korrekt a dolog.”


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